Some past events...

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Here's some shots of our more traditional lighting job...Gigs!

ST-FX have designed and implemented lighting for artists as varied as AL Murray, Matt Willis, Riverclub, Yngve & The Innocent, RiddleR and many, many others...
We've lit gigs of all sizes and budgets, from Arena tours to local pubs. Festivals like Glastonbury and Escape to the Park, to local village fates.
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These images show some examples of how ST-FX Ltd can apply our creative and technical expertise to create an unforgettable backdrop for your special day.

The photos show how we apply a little creative and technical wizardry to turn a marquee into a top class restaurant and nightclub, and an unkempt area of wasteland into an enchanted fairy wood.

You can also see evidence of our attention to detail as staff apply finishing touches and tidy up, even vacuming the freshly laid carpet and polishing the dancefloor to maintain the highest standards of presentation our clients expect of our event productions.

Corporate Events

In the following section you can see a good example of how ST-FX Ltd can make your event!

ST-FX was asked to provide technical and creative support for a spring ball fundraising event for a local charity. The ball was to be held in a local school hall and themed to represent spring.
Upon visiting the site however the building itself inspired our creative staff to suggest a re-think.
With enthusiastic agreement of the client, this school hall was turned into the magical dining hall of Hogwarts for one evening. ST-FX provided full creative and technical support including all sound, lighting and video equipment for the event.


As well as standard corporate events and fundraisers, ST-FX Ltd also knows how to throw a great party!

The following images show some of the great party events we’ve helped create for various clients, at venues as diverse as restaurants in London's East End, old abandoned industrial buildings and even the iconic London Guildhall, here given a Tron-like Cyber-Punk makeover for the evening.

It just goes to prove that no matter how unlikely the venue or how ridiculous the idea seems, we can probably make it work!