Making it an Event!


Welcome to the Future of Events!

We believe that the only limit to your event is your imagination. At ST-FX we specialise in making your dream idea a reality. Whether it's flying candles, a fantasy fairy wood, a laser logo on the side of a building or just the right atmophere on a stage, we are committed to making it happen.

As well as specialising in lighting, sound, and video we can also help with pyrotechnics, lasers and the generators and site power distribution needed to keep it all runnning.

ST-FX can provide a full service from consulting on your initial ideas through all the planning stages to ensuring it all runs smoothly at the event.

At ST-FX, we find that proper planning and the use of the right technologies can not only make for an outstanding event, but actually make it more affordable than you might imagine!

So please get in touch and talk to us.

Making the impossible, possible could be easier than you think!